Why Become Certified?

Posted by Square Foot Gardening.Com on 11th Mar 2014

Our Certified SFG Instructors feel a sense of pride in being affiliated with an organization that is focused on helping solve some of the world’s most pressing issues. The time and effort that they have invested in order to gain the necessary expertise to become certified earns them a level of respect given to those who work hard to make a positive impact on their environment and the lives of others. Becoming a Certified SFG Instructor will enable you to use your skills to benefit the well-being of your family and friends and on a larger scale, that of your local community and beyond.

orphanage gardenThe SFG “lifestyle” is meant to make growing your own food a possibility for everyone. At the end of our course you will have mastered the skills needed to teach the Square Foot Gardening method to anyone including those who, for whatever reason, had been unable to garden before. The knowledge that you will gain can be used to contribute toward solving major problems on a larger scale such as worldwide hunger, childhood obesity and pollution or you can work on a smaller scale for the benefit of your own community. What better place to get started than teaching in schools, community gardens, transitional homes or even in prisons? You can help to establish Square Foot Gardens in locations that will benefit the homeless, the hungry and those who are unable to provide for themselves.You can earn extra income teaching and consulting or even creating your own business. Since anybody can Square Foot Garden the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

Teaching SFGThe foundation’s mission is to “teach self-sustainability and self-reliance through gardening” and “to promote a lifestyle that manages your health in a positive manner”. As a certified instructor you would be able to help the foundation in its mission by teaching people around the world how to solve some of their own problems by learning how to feed themselves for a lifetime. If everyone had a garden right outside their back door they could potentially feed themselves one meal a day from it. Imagine the impact you could have if even one person you instructed in this method passed it on to their friends and neighbors, who in turn passed it on to theirs and that information trickled down through generations.

Our foundation is changing lives one Square Foot at a time. We hope you will join our mission.

Browse the links below for just a few of the unique and exciting ways our instructors are putting their certification to work in their communities and around the world: