High Value Veggies

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By Mel Bartholomew 


Calculate the return on investment for your vegetable garden and get the most bang for your gardening bucks!

Get the most return on investment from your garden by calculating which vegetables, fruits, and herbs give the highest payback. To make the selection process of what to grow easy, Mel Bartholomew--author of the best-selling Square Foot Gardening--has a new book to maximize your garden's ROI. High-Value Veggies is an easy-to-use reference book helping gardeners choose edibles that make the most financial and spatial sense. Explore the thought processes and math behind growing vegetables and herbs in order to craft the best plan for your produce.

Maximizing your garden's yield is no simple task. Consider the tomato; most people think it's a safe bet for a high-yield return - but which variety? Heirloom tomatoes typically cost $5 or more a pound at farmers' markets. You can beat that price by growing Cherokee Purples from seed at a net cost of only 80 cents per pound. If you plant purchased seedlings, the cost will go up to about $1 a pound--and that's including the cost of water and fertilizer. High-Value Veggies makes this cost evaluation for each vegetable easy.

Whether you're interested in growing tomatoes, pumpkins, cabbage, corn, or anything else, it's wise to consider the invisible dollar signs sown along the way. The relative ROI for each veggie in High-Value Veggies is calculated based on dollar value generated for each square foot planted. You don't need to be a math whiz to plan your next vegetable garden. Bartholomew has done the math for you, and he has cost-effective answers.


"HIGH VALUE VEGGIES has made a hit with me! Everyone responds immediately that HERBS top the list!!!
Appreciate your notes on all the veggies and the ROI and I like the list of 10 this and 10 that.Thank you for a TOP publication on gardens." -Connie L., SFG Certified Instrcutor

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    Another Mel Winner!

    Posted by Joyce Swanson on 17th Jun 2016

    It's by Mel. What can I say? Everything he writes is superb!
    It's a great resource for figuring out what makes the most sense to plant for maximum profit. I also liked his "lists of 10" in the back of the book. Those lists will be real helpful in deciding what to plant, according to an individual's goals using other criteria than profit.