12"x12" CuBe Raised Garden Bed (expandable)

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The CuBe is the easiest raised bed garden to set up – no assembly of any sort is required. Just unfold this 12" x 12" x 12" CuBe on any level surface, yard, deck or patio, fill with soil, and you’re ready to grow.  No need for a grid or weed cloth,they're built in!  The CuBe is constructed of a specially engineered and proprietary AeroFlow™ fabric. AeroFlow™ fabric is a highly durable, UV resistant, non-woven fabric that not only provides exceptional air flow throughout the soil and root systems, but it also allows excess moisture to easily drain away. AeroFlow™ fabric is the revolutionary breakthrough to growing a faster, healthier and more productive garden.

An optional accessory to the CuBe is the DekProTekDekProTek lifts your CuBe up off the surface an inch allowing more oxygen into the soil for better growth and increased drainage of excess water away from the roots. Evaporate moisture under the CuBe preventing any moisture damage on the surface below perfect for your decks and patios. Lets you easily slide the CuBe across the surface.