Amish Red Cedar Planter Box(expandable)

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14.00 LBS
Amish Red Cedar Planter Box(expandable)


Enjoy the simple beauty of Amish craftsmanship and aromatic red cedar wood for your Square Foot Garden box!

This kit will produce an 8" deep 2x2 bed (you only need 6" of Mels mix) or a 4" deep 4x4 bed (for growing lettuces)

or buy two kits for a 4x4 8" deep bed. Combine mulitple kits for various shapes and sizes

-Unique interlocking design

-no tools or digging required.

-Easily expands to almost any size or shape

-Made for Aromatic Red Cedar

-Attractive Appearance

-Natural beauty and durability

-Naturally weather, rot and insect resistant

-Made in USA from naturally renewable resources

-No chemical treatments



8 pcs 1x4x31" planed and moulded Aromatic Red Cedar boards

8 pcs 3/16x12" galvanized steel connecting rods, instructions

2x2 grid shipped upon request only.  (4x4 grids sold separately


2x2 8" deep is 1 kit 

4x4 4" deep is 1 kit

4x4 8" deep is 2 kits

4x8 4" deep is 2 kits

4x8 8" deep is 4 kits