Tomato Trays (pack of 3)

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2.00 LBS




  • 12" x 12"
  • Automator growing aid for tomatoes and plants
  • Helps protect all vine crops against droughts and brings earlier, tastier harvests
  • Waterproof tray

Tray Use

Handle carefully and the tray will last many years. If you find you want a firmer or stronger tray, just nestle two together before you do your planting. The trays are not meant to push into row garden hard soil, but merely to fluff up the Mel’s Mix in a square foot, then carefully lower the tray onto the soil, gently pushing down in order to make an impression and then lift the tray out and move the soil so the tray will fit better, then re-lower the tray. Where the watering spikes are, you can use your trowel to remove just a little bit of the Mel’s mix and where the tray fits over a raised portion, you can mound up the soil in that area. Then you push the tray down very carefully into the soil and you’re all finished.

Warm Weather Crops

The tray is excellent for all vine warm weather crops spaced one per square foot. When you’re planting something like squash, that require two square feet per plant, you merely locate the tray in the center of two adjoining square feet on the north side underneath the tomato tower. Usually you plant seeds and you could plant the seed right through the center hole of the tray or you could plant the seed at the proper location in the Mel’s Mix and then when it sprouts, lower the tray down over the newly sprouted plant. When you’re putting in transplants rather than seeds, other warm weather plants that would appreciate the tray will be pepper of any variety and eggplant.

Designed especially for both bush and vine tomato plants


Also great for all Peppers, Eggplant, cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.


Saves water, moderates soil temperature for uniform growth.


12"x12" Waterproof tray- reusable every year


Cool Weather Crops

Trays are not only good for tomatoes, but just as good if not better, for any of the cool weather crops that are spaced one per square foot. Examples would be anything from the cabbage family, including both red and green cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. The tray would be installed when you first plant the small transplant into your garden. This will help moderate the soil both day and night; as well as, funnel rainwater down into the root location. It would also keep any weed seeds from sprouting that might have gotten into your garden.

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  • 5
    They work well

    Posted by Batch on 3rd May 2013

    Have used these and the red trays you see sold on other popular gardening website.
    These black trays with the large hole are far easier to install then the red trays.

    THe red trays have small holes for the plant and are extremely hard to install around a new seedling without damaging the delicate stem or the leaves. Please keep selling the black trays since I can't find them anywhere else on the internet - and they are very inexpensive

  • 4
    Excellent Product for Price

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Dec 2012

    The trays are made of a flimsy plastic that breaks after some use, but given the price that is not a negative.

    Note from SFG - We wanted to step up and answer this review - we have had these tomato trays in stock for quite a while and they are not the same grade as the newer ones on the market. They work very well still even if they are not as pretty or sturdy as you can find in the stores. They can be doubled up if you need to make them stronger - they will do the job and will save you money as we sell 3 for the price of one, due to the fact they are in stock and we want to make sure our SFGers have the things they are looking for to be successful at a decent and economical value.