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Instructor Certification Bundle  


To be listed as one of our certified instructors, these items are required to pursue this program: 

Note: This course is also available to Audit for your own learning experience and these requirements do not apply. 

(Please call 877-773-9866 for group rates)      

  1. You must complete online courses SFG 101 and SFG 201  (Recording downloads are included in this bundle)
  2. Have read All New Square Foot Gardening and are experienced in the SFG method.
  3. Share a photo of your established and flourishing SFG.



SFG 101 online class recording

SFG 201 online class recording

Recorded Online Certification Course (OCC)

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As a Certified Square Foot Gardening Instructor, you will earn the credential to share this life changing method with your community and abroad. Our instructors teach SFG in their local schools, garden centers and nurseries, churches, clubs and some in remote parts of the world. Entrepreneurs have used the certification to start a gardening business of their own. It has taken our team years to learn, experience and build the information that is in this program. We invite you to accelerate your life's journey and to reap the benefits right away!


Classes last approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours per session.



 Online Certification Course includes:


 1.SFG 101, 201 and Three 1 to 1.5 Hour sessions recorded sessions to view at your leisure.


2 Membership in the SFG community and title on the SFG forum.


3 Teaching Certificate


4 Online Resources including teaching power points, photos,handouts,class outlines and more!


5 Your name and contact information listed on our website.


6 Wholesale purchasing


 Testimonials..."This course has been better than I even expected.   My excitement and motivation is a bit off the charts, and I feel a little sorry for my husband.  Just a little...he’ll manage.  I really respect the competence and clarity of the class.  The forum is incredibly active, useful, and appreciated. Very exciting to be part of something with so much success and even more potential." -DeAnna  

"Thanks for the class! It was the push I needed to complete my certification study".-Jerry

"I want to thank you for such a well done class. You guys have so much enthusiasm about the program, that it's catching."-Tony

"Thanks for the excellent course".-Allan

"The online SFG classes were so informative and I really appreciate your time and effort so much! I learned a lot and am excited to be a Certified Instructor of SFG." -D.S. in TENNESSEE

"HIGHLY recommend this course ! You will learn all about the technique of Square Foot Gardening from the instructors and fellow classmates. It's fun and exciting - and the bundle is the best value"...John A