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Contact Us

We would love to answer any questions you have about our products, or take your order by email or phone! Our office hours vary, so please be sure to call ahead to ensure we are here to greet you! We would like to mention that we are a small staff of about 3 people at most times, and we do have to step put of the office to plant gardens and keep up with the mission of our Foundation - to teach self-sustainability and reliance. This is our main function and priority. Please call us and schedule an appointment if you are in need of assistance while we are out in the community. We are more then happy to make time for each and every person who asks, needs or wants help.

Call The Square Foot Gardening Store

Main Line: 1 (803) 764-1693

Email Us

For Store Orders and General Questions: theStore@squarefootgardening.com


Square Foot Gardening
3100 North Main Street
Columbia, SC 29102 USA



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