Top Hat box for Carrots, Leeks & Potatoes

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4.50 LBS

Plant your carrots and potatoes in a 6" deep box using our Top Hat!

Root crops such as potatoes and carrots need deep soil to grow. Instead of digging down as in most gardening methods, we take the easy way and build up with the SFG Top Hat.

This handcrafted in the USA Top Hat made of pine is a 1' x 1' x 5.5” box frame that you place right in your SFG.

Use it to plant your winter crop of carrots and then use it in the spring for potatoes. It can also be used to plant leeks.

Growing Potatoes

Potatoes grow upwards, rather than downwards like most plants. Put 4 inches of SFG soil in the square you want to use and 2 inches of pure compost on the top. Plant the potatoes according to the proper spacing in those 2" of compost. When they grow 1" above the surface, you place the Top Hat on top of the square and add 2" of soil. When they grow another 1" above the soil, do it again.

Large Carrots

If you want to grow carrot the type of carrots that can be up to 12” long, you’ll need to use a Top Hat. Select the square you want to plant them in and place this box on top. Fill to the top with SFG soil and plant your carrots normally. They will grow deep and large!


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    Top Hat Perfection

    Posted by reelbizzy on 20th Feb 2013

    I love the addition of my top boxes. I can grow longer carrots and other root vegetables without having to have a separate box for the root veggies or overfilling an entire box just to satisfy the root veggies.