Square Foot Gardening Lesson Plan for Children- Download

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 The SFG Lesson Plan for Children was written by Mel Bartholomew in 2008. Please be aware that this download product is photocopied. However, we offer it in this state because the information is so valuable. 

This was written especially for parents and school teachers. Included are 9 lessons that are adaptable for ages 8-18. Through the lessons, the children will learn about the basics of SFG, what plants need to grow, indoor and outdoor seed starting, routine care,maintenance and more.

Here's What Teachers are Saying:

  • Positive & friendly
  • Easy & understandable
  • Teaches math and science
  • Simple method
  • Makes so much sense
  • Applications are limitless
  • Lifetime hobby

Projects Include:

  1. Backyard Garden
  2. Family History
  3. Internet
  4. Field Trips
  5. Self Discovery
  6. Science Project
  7. Vocabulary- Skills
  8. Math Challenges
  9. Skill Activities