About Us


 Hello! Welcome to the wonderful world of Square Foot Gardening! We are so glad you have discovered us and our revolutionary method of home gardening. 

Our mission-

"To teach self sustainability and reliance through gardening.
To promote a lifestyle that manages your health in a positive manner."


About Square Foot Gardening

The Square Foot Gardening Foundation was founded in 1981 by Mel Bartholomew. He invented this method as he asked himself some basic questions-

Why do we plant in long rows?
Why do we waste so many seeds by thinning?
Why is there so much hard work?
Why is there so much water waste?

 The Square Foot Gardening Foundation is on a mission to change the World and make a difference locally through education and by providing the materials you need to be successful – both methodology and physical products.

We also focus on Certification of Instructors in your community, so that you have a resource locally to help you achieve Square Foot Gardening success. 


Thank you for all your support!




L-R Amie Hall Education Director, Mel Bartholomew Author and Creator, Belinda Jensen Head of Operations,Kim Roman Public Relations Director