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The Square Foot Gardening Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit. When you donate to our Foundation, you are helping end hunger in the home and placing healthy food on the family table. Not only does every single dollar spent go back into funding our School SFG Program, it also goes into the continuing education that is the back bone of our method and mission statement. We believe that hunger can be solved when we teach a family how to grow the food they need, instead of the continual dependence on food banks, shelters, charity, or government programs. You can make a difference, Donate now.

Some of our Programs

Square Yard in the School Yard

Mel started this program in California, Maine, and Florida over 15 years ago and it is still going strong.

Provides a 3x3 Square Foot garden and the educational material to teach a classroom how to garden year round. Promotes science, math and other skills in a positive and easy to follow – and take home approach.

Each Child gets their very own square foot, the seeds, and the pride of ownerships and success. We can do this with as little as $5 per child average classroom size of 20 students. Most gardens can be installed for around $100.

Orphanage, Homeless Shelters and Church Organizations

Provides as many boxes as we can fit into the space available, the Mel's Mix soil, the seeds or transplants and the support to help the project be self-sustainable after the 3rd Season of rotation – Spring to Summer to Fall. We work within the existing structures to implement the program without causing extra overhead, labor, skills, or other variable that cause the word NO or What if or But from management.

Community Gardens

Work within local government, parks and recreation departments, or home owners associations to mentor and build a working structure that looks beautiful and is productive. All of our Programs are meant to boost the over all health and wellness of the communities, schools and individuals who participate in the education and garden.

We have been 100% success in all grants that have been written to implement these programs and Square Foot Gardens, in fact Columbia College used a grant from the Center for Disease Control. Our gardens won the Washington Center Civic Engagement Award. "Square Foot Gardens educate children and their families about growing and utilizing fresh produce in a cost-effective way"

Please Donate now

$5.00 – one child is helped

$20.00 – one teacher is taught

$50.00 – one box is planted

$100.00 – one complete garden is installed

Other – make a difference now

You will receive a thank you letter and a receipt for your tax deductible donation.

In Our Schools

Feeding Orphanages

Building Community Gardens

Supporting Seniors