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San Diego, CA

SFGF has planted both community gardens and is teaching SFG in schools around San Diego. Once such community garden is located at St Vincent's homeless shelter with Father Joe's organization, where the residents are learning how to tend the garden.

Columbia, SC

Together with the city of Columbia, the University of SC and SFGF, we planted the St John's Community Garden in March 2012. We are working tirelessly to help improve eating habits and to fight such diseases as diabetes and obesity in the local community.

Ogden, UT

SFG Foundation setup a demonstration garden in Odgen, Utah to show how versatile SFG is.


SFG Foundation traveled to Hawaii to teach students from countries all over the Pacific Rim at BYU, Hawaii. There they learned SFG and were able to take it back with them to their countries and make a difference.


SFG Foundation is working closely with the Institute of Self Reliant Agriculture (SRA) to spread the message of SFG. Our humanitarian liaison, Alan Silva, went to Piura, Peru and established an SFG demonstration garden at the University of Piura. He has taught both government officials and many families about SFG.


The Foundation along with the Institute of Self Reliant Agriculture (SRA) is teaching SFG in Ecuador. In August 2011 our liason, Alan Silva, went to Ibarra and traveled and taught over 300 families and the Minister of Agriculture staff members our method! He also helped set up a demonstration garden on SRA's land, taught many more of The Minister of Agriculture staff and taught a group of 30 leaders representing some 1,500 families in the area. These trips have created greater awareness among the rural farmers on a better way to get their crops.


SFG Foundation traveled to Kenya and built SFG gardens for a local orphanage. They installed their SFG right in the building courtyard for protection and ease of caretaking and harvesting. When fighting broke out in the region, the orphanage was able close it's doors and feed themselves.


SFG Foundation traveled to Vernon, British Columbia and setup a community garden with 50 boxes. Some of the boxes were made available to the local school for students and teachers to incorporate SFG gardening into the classroom.


SFG Foundation traveled to Darjeeling, India and filled the hillsides with SFGs. Not only to they get to eat fresh food, they help support themselves by selling their harvests at the local market. They can now grow 22 crops in a year.


SFG Foundation travelled to Haiti and taught SFG to local families how to grow their own food using SFG. One family even located their SFG on their flat roof to protect it from the neighborhood goats running loose.

Guadalajara, Mexico

SFG Foundation, in partnership with Christian Reformed World Mission, traveled to Gaudalajara and trained 59 women in the SFG method (construction, planting, growing, and cultivation). We assisted in setup and planting of their own SFGs and setup a demonstration garden at the Chautemac School.

St John's Community Garden

Community Gardens

SFG Around the World

SFG Around the World

SFG Foundation

Our mission is to teach the world our invention of Square Foot Gardening. We know about and support the hundreds of humanitarian organizations out there with everything in place and are already sending volunteers and staff to the far countries of the world, building things and doing all the good things. We support those organizations helping them learn how to teach someone to feed themselves and become independent and self sufficient. We develop the necessary teaching devices, books, videos, etc for them to use for this purpose.

Donations directly to SFGF will be distributed at the Foundation's discretion where ever it is needed the most.

Teaching in Schools

SFGF full believes in teaching our future generations about Square Foot Gardening by bringing SFG to the classroom, whether it's a public, private or home school. Our goal is to help children learn about growing their own healthy food and be environmentally conscience by practicing the 3Rs. This program helps them to learn science, math, writing and art in a hands-on, fun learning environment with our Classroom Workbook.

Donations made to the schools program will go towards developing and publishing our SFG Classroom Lessons and to our direct donations to schools. See below for instructions on directing your donation.

Community Gardens

Community gardens help local communities in many ways such as neighborhood improvement, building a sense of community and connection to the environment, as well as providing healthy, organic food to those in need. We work with cities, churches, shelters and many other organizations to build community gardens throughout the country and internationally.

Donations made to community gardens go towards identifying and building community gardens throughout the country. If you would like to help sponsor a specific community garden project, see below for instructions on directing your donation..


Support our efforts to bring SFG to the 3rd world countries. For example, we are working closely with the Institute of Self Reliant Agriculture (SRA) in Ecuador and Peru to teach SFG throughout the country. Through our humanitarian liaisons, SFG teaches classes to all levels, from governement officals to local families and rural farmers. We setup demonstration gardens and travels throughout the countries spreading the word of SFG. Other international organizations that we have worked with include Christian Reformed World Mission , ABA Foundation, Partners of the Americas, and the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Donations to international projects can either be made to the general funding of our humanitarian efforts or to a specific country where we currently have projects under way. See below for instructions on directing your donation.

Special Projects

Support our efforts to partner with other organizations to bring SFG to the world. Some of our partners that we have worked with include Habitat for Humanity, CARE, and the Institute of Self Reliant Agriculture. Also, if you belong to an organization and would like to partner with us, please contact us at info@squarefootgardening.com

Donations to special projects can either be made to the general funding of our humanitarian efforts or to a specific project where we currently have projects under way. See below for instructions on directing your donation.

How to Direct Your Donation

After inputting a donation amount and logging into PayPal, you may direct your donation to a specific category or project. To direct your donation, please click on the link under the donations box that says"Add special instructions to recipient." Simply type in the category or project you would like to make a donation to and we will make sure to direct your donation where you specify. Thank you for you generous support!