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This course is recommended only for those who have extensive experience in the method. You will be asked to share your experience by email before proceeding. For more training and live interaction please enroll in the Online Certification Course.


These items are required to pursue Instructor Certification:

Note: It is also available to Audit and these requirements do not apply.( you will not be listed as a certified instructor)


 Be self motivated! This course is completed on your own time through email correspondence.

  1. Must take SFG 101 and 201 and have read All New Square Foot Gardening and are very experienced in the SFG method.
  2. Be prepared to share a photo of your established and flourishing SFG.
  3. Go to the SFG forum, create a profile and introduce yourself.


 Square Foot Gardening Home Study Certification Process

  1. Read and study the All New Square Foot Gardening book and have extensive experience with the method.
  2. You will be sent an email with a study guide to complete
  3. Complete the study guide – open book quiz
  4. Take pictures of your completed Square Foot Garden, demonstrating an understanding and implementation of the SFG method
  5. Submit a video of yourself in a short teaching situation. No more than 10 minutes of any aspect of SFG you choose. This does not need to be in front of a formal class and can be a casual video teaching just a few family members or neighbors right in your own home or garden. If a video camera is not available you may schedule a phone interview. 
  6.  Email the completed study guide, pictures of your garden, and a short 10 minute video of you teaching SFG material.

 Upon Certification Completion you will receive:

    1 Membership in the SFG community and title on the SFG forum.

   2 Teaching Certificate

   3 Online Resources including teaching power points and photos and more available on an exclusive Instructor's website.

   4.Your name and contact information listed on our website.

   5. Wholesale purchasing



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    Good Foundation for Teaching the Benefits of Square Foot Gardening

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2013

    I ordered this course because I have started SFG this year and was asked as a Master Gardener to do presentations on my experience (I'm totally hooked!). I found it generally helpful and will be using the materials for the first time in August in front of a community garden group. I hope to have my certification by then!

  • 5
    Great Material For Teaching

    Posted by Suzie Tice on 9th Jul 2012

    The pictures are excellent... very simple, and will make great handouts.
    It was a real encourager to see other instructors, teaching SFG in a very relaxed way.